Monday, June 16, 2008

The Budget Bride

Today the economy is bad and times are rough but, it doesn’t stop two people from loving each other. Weddings plans are still made and they can be executed in style. Even though funds are tight your wedding doesn’t have to look like it. There is a ton of ways to have a beautiful wedding on a budget. Let’s start with the biggest issue, the bride’s wedding gown. All brides want to look beautiful and perfect on their day but, let’s be realistic. A wedding gown will most likely only be worn once. Why break your bank for one day? Also, nobody has to know how much you paid for your dress but you. Typical places like David’s Bridal often have $99 Sales. That’s a great deal for a brand new dress. What if you can’t afford something exactly brand new? If you search classified ad sites like Craigslist you may be lucky to find ads where women who have unfortunately cancelled their weddings are selling their wedding gowns. Usually under those types of circumstances there are also bridesmaids’ dresses available as well. You can also find classified ads for already worn wedding gowns. So test your luck. All you’ll need to do is get the dress dry cleaned or possibly have it altered. Even with that you’ll be sure to save a lot more money than paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a brand spanking new dress. As far as shoes there is always Payless. The average wedding gown covers the feet anyway. Just make sure that you’re shoes are very comfortable!

Let’s talk hair and make up. Cosmetology students usually render their services at awesome discounted rates. Some may even offer their services for free in exchange for pictures (TFP). Just head by your local cosmetology school and put the word out that you’re getting hitched and you’re looking for a hair stylist and, or make up artist with great rates. You can also place classified ads stating such. Some make up counters at stores like Macy’s, JC Penny’s, and Victoria’s Secret actually offer free make overs as long as you purchase a few products. If you don’t want to take that risk, visit the mall ahead of time and scope out the make up artists at those places. Then simply pull them to side and ask them if they would be willing to do make up at your wedding for a price that you can afford. Most store make up artists can really use the extra cash anyway.

As far as nails, ditch the tips and acrylics. A full set of nails always cost more than a basic manicure. At most nail salons you can get a manicure between the prices of $10- $15. Full sets usually cost around $25-$45. That’s a huge difference. If you don’t want to pay for nails at all plan a manicure and pedicure night for you and your bridesmaids where you do each other’s nails. This will save everyone money and it will also allow you and your wedding party to bond more. Add a bottle of wine and it’s an extension on your bachelorette party!